Jim Barker – Non Executive Director

Jim co-founded Bioenergy with Tony Redman in 2000. Until recently he was CEO of Trifast Plc, a FTSE listed company based in the southeast. He joined the Trifast Board in 1995 as Purchasing Director, before playing a major role in overseeing the development of the Group’s Far East and Scandinavian businesses.  He was appointed Chief Executive in April 2002.  He increased turnover and profit, whilst restructuring the company and increasing share value, becoming Business Person of the Year. He is looking to repeat this success in the renewable energy industry. He is a board member of The British Association of Fasteners Distributors and a member of the CBI South-East Council. A  confident entrepreneur, he is respected by colleagues, employees and his industry. He follows his business life with the challenging hobbies of running marathons and climbing and, in keeping with his business life, has a healthy interest in travel.

Tony Redman – Managing Director

Tony has spent over 30 years associated with the wood combustion industry.  Whilst a director of Nordist, one of the largest wood combustion companies in the UK, he was responsible for the installation of biomass systems ranging from a few kilowatts to megawatts. In the past he has worked with ETSU, on behalf of the DTI, investigating ways of overcoming the barriers to the utilisation of biomass. Tony has been involved in the installation of many of the first systems in the UK utilising Biomass from a renewable source, including systems at Weobley, the National Botanic Gardens and the South West Project amongst others. Under Tony’s Directorship the company immediately installed one of the first biomass combined heat and power plants in the UK and some of the first systems for SEEDA and local authorities. A family man, he has joined Jim on adventures in the Himalayas, when younger he regularly sailed and he has a love of Jazz.

Jeni Longley – Company Secretary

Jeni has been involved with Bioenergy since it was founded and has previous experience in the biomass energy industry. She runs the company on an efficient and professional basis, having a detailed and extensive knowledge of the day-to-day operation of the company. Jeni brings drive and enthusiasm to the company, ensuring it operates to her high professional standards, in an industry of which she is proud, especially in respect of the environment. Jeni has a life outside business which shadows that inside. An active member of the local community, Jeni is chairman of the local parish council and sits on many other committees, She combines this with successful visits to Crufts with her Springer Spaniel and competes in Driving Trials with her ponies…

Dr.“Sam” Langridge – Technical Director

Sam is known throughout the gas emissions industry having been a director of Servomex PLC. He is recognised expert on flue emissions from combustion. He is also a formidable businessman, having formed and operated companies both in the UK and the Far East. With Bioenergy he has overseen a SMART Award to industry and grant assisted projects, including work with Sussex University, the University of Kent at Canterbury and French universities on emissions from biomass. Sam is a well-travelled person, due mainly to his business activities and his life with his wife and three children. He speaks Mandarin Chinese and keeps in good shape by spending time at the gym. He brings to the company a depth of knowledge and enthusiasm that benefits all.

John Powell – Project Manager

John has been associated with the combustion of wood for twenty five years and has a considerable in-depth knowledge of the technology and the mechanical installation of wood fired biomass boilers. He has managed installation of systems across the full range of biomass, from log to chip and pellet fuel and from small to large projects. John’s experience extends into the mechanical services sector having supervised a range of services in his early career including steam, high, medium and low pressure hot water systems and cooling. John’s love of things engineering was expressed initially with his life in motorcycling and these days with his Morgan car, enabling John and his wife to arrive at their destination efficiently and quickly – something that he intends to do with Bioenergy.

Martin Curtis – Sales Manager

Martin spent his life up until joining the company in international sales. During his first few years with Bioenergy he spent much time building an in depth knowledge of boiler plant, associated grants and compliance and registration with the industry standards. He has in recent months completed a round Britain tour of seminars on renewable energy, giving presentations on Biomass. Martin’s love until recent years was for rally driving, something he has not had time for of late due to the demands on his time from home life and work. He is totally committed to the exponential growth in the company.

Company Employees

The company has a team of dedicated engineers who cover the full range of abilities required for the installation of the biomass storage, feed and boiler plant, these engineers include designers, fabricators, fitters, electricians, draughtsmen, and control and commissioning engineers all trained in their particular areas of competence.

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